Charitable Services

We want to Welcome you to the Rajas Eye & Retina Research Centre, Indore Located at Madhya Pradesh, the central part of India.

Charitable Services

Rajas Eye & Retina Research Centre Indore always try to provide quality Vision to all the patients that each and every patient coming to our hospital will be provided Quality treatment and care irrespective of the socio-economic status of the patient.

The hospital also providing services to the underprivileged class of society through “Raskunwer Sampat Singh Choudhary Charitable Trust”

This Charitable Trust is a registered, non-governmental, non-profitable, social service organization established by Rajas Eye & Retina Research Centre ,Indore. It started to work for the people who are really under the clutches of poverty and social backwardness. We always had an intention to uplift the down troden living below the poverty line. Enormous people are suffering from the Clutches of poverty and ignorance due to lack of education and social backwardness and various factors they are financially ruined and living under the darkness Knowing nothing about Their health including eye care which is really essential as we all know eyes are very important part of everyone’s life.. This Factor became a corner stone for our social work. The poor patient are screened for cataract by the ophthalmic assistant in the slum are of the city or peripheral villages. These patients reach the hospital, examined thoroughly and then operated free of cost. The trust also organizes camps in peripheral areas and the cataract patients are operated at the hospital. All these patients are operated in the best of all operation theatre circumstances. Needy patients are provided post operative medicines also.

Rajas Eye Hospital always focused on its main objectives Some of which are :-

  • Provide eye care of highest 'Quality'.
  • Provide free or subsidized treatment to those who cannot afford it.
  • Encourage and strengthen teaching and training programs along with super specializations to Doctors and Ophthalmic Assistants, through ongoing research and academic activities.
  • Create community awareness about eye health problems.
  • Staff focused for the patient satisfaction.
  • Organizing free eye check up camps monthly or quarterly.
Contact with us:
0731-2511333, 2525333
Time: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
(Saturday evening & Sunday closed)