LASIK Surgery

LASIK is a surgical Procedure that uses a cool (non- thermal) beam of light to gently reshape the cornea (the surface of eye) to improve vision. The goal of any laser vision correction procedure is to reshape the cornea so that it does a better job of focusing images onto the retina. In this procedure mechanical instrument called the Microkeratome is used to make horizontal cut on the cornea to fashion a hinged flap. The flap is then lifted and the reshaping with the laser is carried our. The flap is replaced back on the corneal bed, where is sticks to the reshaped cornea.

The Refractive Suite

The Refractive Suite comprises of twin refractive lasers, a 500 Hz eximer laser and 200 FS femtosecond laser coupled on a single platform. The Refractive Suite is the best refractive unit presently available and being the fastest laser it corrects - 1.0 D Number in 1.6 seconds plus a bladeless flap gives safety and precision in flap making.

Femto - LASIK

With traditional LASIK, the surgeon used mechanical instrument containing a blade to create the flap. But in FEMTOLASIK, correction actually features a second laser specially designed for FASTER, SAFER flap creation. This new laser gives the surgeon complete control - for personalized treatment, precise predictable procedures and the most consistent results. It offers highly accurate flap creation and adjustable setting - so you can rest assured that your surgeon can create the customized flaps you need for an individual treament.

Femto - LASIK Procedure

A special contact glass is placed on the eye for the laser pulses to pass through and focus into the cornea. The surgeon uses a microscope to follow the progress of flap creation.

After the cut is completed, the contact glass is removed. The flap is folded back exposing the stromal bed. Then with the help of Excimer Laser the cornea is shaped for the desired number and the flap is then repositioned.


  • More than 17 million people worldwide have had some form of laser vision correction.
  • 93% of patients see at least 20/20 or better after LASIK.
  • 97% of LASIK patients recommend the procedure to friends.
  • 75% of Americans opt for Bladeless LASIK.
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