Welcome to The Rajas Eye Care Group

Rajas Eye Care hospital has been established under the aegis of Choudhary Eye & Retina Research Centre, Indore with twin identity work philosphy & dedication. Quality and right approach to eye care is always first at Rajas, Equal is the state-of-art equipments and high safety-hygenic environment with us to diagnose and treat eye problems accurately, safely and effectively.

At This Eye Care Group we understand that your vision is a vital part of your everyday life. Dr.R.S.Choudhary and his team of ophthalmic experts, who have highly qualified with vast experience in each specialty, render comprehensive eye care to hundreds of patients daily at our eye hospitals and at various places in M.P by organizing" arious free camps also.

And here in this group OUI' licensed optometrists, highly trained technicians and support personnel. who are dedicated to providing you with the very best eye care! That is why our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best possible medical care and services.

Our hospital specializes in the diagnosis and management of complex medical and surgical eye disease: and serves routine eye care and refractive, optical cosmetic, and eye trauma services. We provide complete family eye care, including comprehensive eye examinations, fitting of contact lenses and treatment of many eye problems including eye diseases and injuries.

Rajas provides top-ranked comprehensive services to help you treat anti take care of your sight. Whether yOU need highly specialized eye surgery 01' simply your first pail' of glasses, you can get the very best ophthalmic care from the eye doctors and specialists at Rajas.

Rajas always committed to quality and safety is ingrained in everything we do at each level of the organization. Delivering on our promise requires a daily commitment to service excellence, and to the people, programs and technologies that make it happen.

When you make decisions about your health care - one of the most important decisions of all - volumes of reliable, standardized information about performance and quality should be available to you. As an innovative eye care center, Rajas Hospital offer patients the latest available technology and treatment methods. By aggressively using new technologies, hiring and retaining highly skilled staff, and promoting a culture of safety and excellence,

Rajas Hospital has forged an impressive quality record. "Quality may seem like a difficult concept to measure, but in essence, quality health care means doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right patient. And after all this has been done, quality care also means that patients should come away with the best possible results. And Quality and right approach to eye care is always first at Rajas.

And since quality is something that can be measured, it can also be improved. We couldn't tell you our quality story without also telling you about what we're doing every day Rajas to improve your eye care and offer you a better experience when you come through our doors.

On this website, we provide an overview of the Rajas Eye & Retina Research Centre, You wil1 also find information on making appointments at Rajas,along with directions to our multiple service locations.

Contact with us:
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